Secret Topaz

Topaz is one the most preferential gems by jewelers and even by public. With other gemstones its familiarity can be characterized to its colors, orange-yellow kind of or Imperial Topaz which is one of the most valuable and even costlier structure of Topaz. It is identified as a birthstone for November. This gem is also found in the countries like Pakistan, Japan, Sweden, Mexico, Afghanistan, Brazil and also in US. The word “Topazos” is being derived from the origin of Greek which is known as to seek.

Similarly, like other gemstones topaz has a particular chemical composition which is made up of aluminum fluorohydroxyl silicate. It appeals is like a semi-transparent to transparent. However, Pure Topaz looks like transparent which usually is with impurities which resembles with a color of wine or straw colored. Other colors are green, blue, pink, white, yellow and gray. However, once when the topaz is heated it will turn to reddish – pink.

Many gemstones are related with some kind of mysteries and beliefs. One of it is topaz which is identified to improve your eyesight. Then, what is a Secret Topaz? Might be it’s a colorless topaz coated with a substance that forms with a rainbow of colors above the stone. Basically, few of them found are synthetic stone, cubic zirconia with the application of same coating and outcome. Nevertheless, when irradiated this gemstone changes to a light shade of blue.

How good will this application of this coating last? Have you ever examined on its dependence? Sometimes household cleaners damage the coating which is accumulated on the bottom of the stone. However, it is not beneficial or good enough to clean it in an ultrasonic cleaner. Certainly if you require to have your ring sized then the heat needed to overcome this kind of repair will obviously affect the coating…Secret disclosed!