Ring Divisions

One of the most prominent and momentous is a day when a woman turns to a bride. On this particular occasion she would love to be the one who looks perfect and most beautiful on the earth. This day makes the bride’s face glow with an excitement that she experiences. However, along with this natural glow, a bridal set contributes with bath salts, marvelous wedding dresses, dazzling pieces of jewelry and fabulous hairstyle with superb make up. From all the above mentioned activities, the bride’s look which is greatly influenced by the bridal set of jewelry that she is dressed in. There are brides who prefer to wear separate pieces although they find obstacles in searching absolute neckpiece without those earrings or bracelet that matches with it.

The jewelry set comes in several alternatives like gold, white gold, platinum as well as silver. Also there are various sets that are made from precious metals and stones like diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies and many more.

Is it possible to divide a bridal set? If it is then how much will be? Yes it is possible to divide a ring except the stone which has to be taken in account of. If it is a diamond then it would not be any difficulty. Before proceeding, the jeweler must give you the perfect evaluation of the charges that are applicable.

In case if the diamond is enhanced with clarity then there might cause a problem. Or else if it a color stone then it requires to removed from the setting for the purpose of dividing both the rings safely also depending on the species.

Also there are jewelers who prefer to work in store whereas many send their work outside. Therefore, you are requested to understand prior handing over your rings. In such a case you must be offering a receipt with a “limit of liability” price in condition of loss or damage caused. If it so happens that you are unaware of the value of the rings you possess then evaluate it before handing it to someone.