Ring Divisions

Is it possible to divide a bridal set? If it is then how much will be? Yes it is possible to divide a ring except the stone which has to be taken in account of. If it is a diamond then it would not be any difficulty. Before proceeding, the jeweler must give you the perfect evaluation of the charges that are applicable.

In case if the diamond is enhanced with clarity then there might cause a problem. Or else if it a color stone then it requires to removed from the setting for the purpose of dividing both the rings safely also depending on the species.

Also there are jewelers who prefer to work in store whereas many send their work outside. Therefore, you are requested to understand prior handing over your rings. In such a case you must be offering a receipt with a “limit of liabilityprice in condition of loss or damage caused. If it so happens that you are unaware of the value of the rings you possess then evaluate it before handing it to someone.