Pros And Cons Of Different Office Furniture Materials

The office furniture is designed professionally by using various materials. Each bring some different and special kind of furniture, different in looks, comforts, use, etc. depending on the need, preference and choices of individuals, one can use the furniture made from different materials. Some of the commonly used office furniture materials are wood, fibre, mesh, leather, fabric, glass, steel, etc.

Each type of material has its own properties, benefits and look. Here, are some of the pros and cons of different types of materials used in manufacturing office furniture.


The fabric furniture is available in various designs, styles and patterns bringing some special look and feel in the ambiance. The fabric chairs are less expensive than the leather or office mesh chairs. You can select the material of your choice for high-end reception chairs or executive chairs for your premises.

These are substantial to tears and require regular cleaning to look good.


Leather furniture looks awesome and rich. The leather office chairs are comfortable to use and do not get easily stained. With proper care and maintenance, these provide lasting services. With leather furniture, you can add a sense of luxuriousness and quality in your premises.

In this, the colours are limited and a bit costly than another sort of furniture. These require proper care and maintenance.


Wood is one of the foremost and widely accepted materials for furniture used for several decades. Distinct designer wooden office chairs, tables, storage furniture and much more with artistic designs and texture is available. Wooden furniture enhances the royalty in the ambiance. These are hard and provide lasting services. You can choose from the wide range of woods.

Wooden chairs are a bit uncomfortable to sit for a long time as are not ergonomic.

Plastic or Acrylic

The plastic or acrylic furniture looks fashionable and appealing. These are durable, inexpensive, easy to move, lightweight, hard to stain and are very easy to clean. Plastic furniture needs no maintenance.

These lack breathability function. For some people, these become uncomfortable when used for a long time.


Mesh chairs are breathable. The designs and options are versatile and are light in weight so that you can easily move from one place to other easily. These are an excellent choice for the employees working for long hours in offices. Mesh office chairs and related furniture are an affordable solutions.

The colours choice is limited and low-quality mesh furniture gets wear and tear easily.