Preference Of Men And Women About The Engagement Ring

Men and women are differing from each other in many ways. They have different taste, opinion, and choice for different things.

Is like steak vs. green salad, cocktail vs. a glass of fresh juice, weight vs. exercise!

When it comes to the engagement ring, men, and women has a different opinion. They have different priorities. There are different factors while buying the engagement ring like the diamond cut, style of the ring, diamond size, price, retailer, etc.

Designer comes last for both women and men -

The designer does not matter for both while choosing the engagement ring. Many rings are traditionally designed and are designed as it is from centuries. People who love contemporary rings also look out different aspects before looking the designer.

Stone quality is the top priority for men and for women the ring style is on the top of the list. Men like to know the quality of the diamond likewise, most of them do while buying a bike or new car. Girls like to pay more attention to the design and setting of the band, the stone used, a way of setting used in the band.

Stone shape/ cut –

Another important factor that both men and women consider is the shape and cut of the gemstone. There are different diamond cuts are available with their own uniqueness and class. The choice of the shape and cut of the diamonds totally depends on the individual’s taste.

Metal choice –

Girls generally prefer gold, white gold and platinum with some unique designs and stone setting. Men prefer to have simple bands of platinum or gold. With the changing taste and prices, many of them goes with silver or double metal bands like gold and platinum for an additional twist.