Post Root Canal Treatment Care

Post Root Canal Treatment Care

A root canal is a treatment used to revamp a tooth that is infected or decayed badly. The nerve and pulp are removed during a root canal procedure, and the tooth is cleaned and sealed from within. If the tooth is not treated, the tissue surrounding the tooth will get infected and ulcers might form. Therefore it is essential to undergo root canal treatment whenever the need arise. At the same time you should be aware of the care that needs to be taken after the treatment is done.

As your body starts recovering after the root canal treatment, it is normal to feel some tenderness in that region for a few days. Some tenderness is also experienced in your jaw. Such symptoms are momentary and can be taken care by regular medications.

Post your root canal treatment, for certain duration your tooth may feel slightly different from your other teeth. If at all you experience severe pressure or pain that persists for more than a couple of days, ensure you visit your endodontics specialist.

How to take care after treatment:

  • Eat only after the numbness in your mouth vanishes to prevent biting your tongue.
  • Avoid chewing with the tooth that is treated till you get it fixed by your dentist
  • Normally floss and brush your teeth.
  • Contact your endodontist if the tooth filling starts coming off.
  • If you come across swelling in the mouth, vulnerability to medicines or your bite feels irregular then make sure you visit your endodontist immediately.

For your tooth to return in full function, Root canal is just one step. For long term success, a proper final restoration of the tooth is tremendously important.

Regularly visit your dentist for taking proper care of your teeth.

What to expect in the future:

The tooth with proper endodontic treatment and proper fixing can survive as long as other natural teeth. Once your tooth has been fixed, you need to practice good oral sanitation which includes brushing twice daily, flossing and regular cleanups.

Your endodontist or dentist may x-ray the tooth periodically to ensure that healing has occurred. Sometimes the tooth may sore even years after successful treatment. When this occurs, repeat the endodontic procedure to save your tooth.

Endodontic treatment limits the need for ongoing dental work and helps you in maintaining your natural smile. Also, you can continue eating the food you like. If proper care is taken, teeth with root canal treatment can last lifetime.