gemstones for engagement rings

Popular gemstones for engagement rings other than diamonds

Diamonds are the primary choice among individuals while buying an engagement ring or wedding bands. But with the changing trends and the idea to try something new and special gives rise to the selection of other gemstones as center stones. There are several classy and astonishing gemstones are accessible in the online jewelry stores that you can use in place of diamonds.

The other gemstones also look bright and sparkling when fitted in an exclusive manner in the designer rings. Some of the stunning gemstones are -


Amethyst is the special kind of quartz available in a purple color that looks splendid when cut in fine shape with effective fitting in the ring.


Turquoise is beautiful stone with color ranges from sky-blue to yellow-green looks very beautiful in white gold or platinum ring. Its sheen covers from waxy to subvitreous. You can also have a unique engagement ring with a blend of turquoise with diamond as the center stone.


Sapphire is a blue colored precious stone suitable for the individuals having it as their birthstone. You can cheer up your girl with an expensive and beautifully sapphire engagement ring. It reflects royalty and class.


Pearls are considered to be the symbol of peace and serenity. You can choose from the several kinds of pearls available counting freshwater and sea water pearls.


Moissanite is almost similar to the sparkling diamonds, but available at a fraction of the cost. You can choose Moissanite if looking for something dazzling like diamonds without hurting your pockets.


Pure Topaz is generally colorless stone that shows diverse hues of blue, red, pink, orange, green, etc. dues to the imperfections in the stone.


Opals look awesome and craft the most delightful unique clusters. These are available in white, crystal and black colors depending on their vivacity. Every opal is different from other and these reflects complete rainbow when to dazzle and move. These goes well when you are choosing any unique ring setting.


Choosing emerald engagement ring is also a good option as it has a sophisticated rich green tone. These are precious, luxe and beautiful becoming famous among individuals to be selected for their engagement rings and designer wedding bands.


Ruby is from the major four expensive stones loved by individuals for making engagement rings. These are luxurious and rich blood-red colored stone looks awesome when used in distinct jewelry pieces.