Pocket Friendly Tips For Choosing Your Bridal Jewelry

When it comes to planning a wedding, surprisingly jewelry has rarely been a priority. It should not be taken so lightly as the right jewelry adorns your beautiful dress and make you feel like a princess throughout the day.

You shell a lot on engagement rings and wedding bands and it becomes easy to get carried away with your budget. Your wedding jewelry not necessarily needs to eat up your bank balance. Many pocket friendly solutions are available to give you the best within your budget. You want everything to be perfect on your big day so why would you compromise on bridal jewelry?

We have narrowed down some useful tips which won’t create a hole in your pocket.

Select jewelry that you prefer

It’s not always that you should wear expensive jewelry to look stunning. Go for something that makes you comfortable rather than turning up to your ceremony dripping with diamonds. Pick up something that you can wear over and over and not simply on your wedding day.

Try something old

If you find vintage jewelry appealing and have no issues wearing something that has emotions attached to it, then the best place to start your search is family jewelry boxes. Your grandmother could have a gorgeous set of pearls which would look stunning on your attire. Ask her if she is willing to hand it to you for your wedding day. Family heirlooms have deeper sentiments and are meaningful to rock during the ceremony. If the person gives you her jewelry with full blessings then definitely go ahead with it.

Match your jewelry with your dress

We know that our jewelry should reflect our personality but at the same time it should complement our dress too. You would not want to clutter your dress with gems. Being natural is the best way to get dressed. For instance do not pair up a heavily adorned wedding dress with huge necklace. Instead opt for simple diamond pendant. If your dress is short sleeved, you can wear a bracelet to accessories a bit. V-neck dresses look best with diamond necklaces.

Rent the jewelry

If you want to feel like a show stopper in some really exclusive and expensive sets, then renting your jewelry is a good option. You don’t have to necessarily buy something that you can’t afford. Instead, you can always take jewelry on rent and enjoy feeling like a Cinderella. Just make sure you don’t leave these precious jewelries somewhere in a drunken state.

Buy imitation jewelry

It’s not necessary to buy real expensive diamonds. It is absolutely fine to buy replicas of jewelry just to look stunning on your wedding day. Even crystal jewelry looks equally gorgeous. Consider the cheapest accessories that will help in saving your money. Instead invest that extra money on your big day!