Penchant For Unique Engagement Ring

Almost every woman has a penchant for unique engagement ring. She likes to get a one of a kind ring as her engagement ring. However, what exactly a unique ring is? This is a very common question in the minds of many men. For every girl the definition of unique engagement ring is different. A unique ring is designed especially with a specific design and in special style to match up the particular likings of the girl.

When you are selecting the precious gemstones and metals combining in a different design together, a unique ring is designed. Different great combinations of diamonds or other stones with some special metal give birth to special unique rings. You can have your own unique engagement ring by designing the ring in your own way.

Some of the ideas for a unique engagement ring are –

Selecting unusual stones –

To make an ordinary ring, a special and unique engagement ring, choosing unusual stone is a good idea. You can select ruby, sapphire, or any kind of unusual stone for a special one of a kind engagement ring. Choosing the birthstone of your beloved or yours is also a good idea. To add a touch of elegance, different metal like rose gold or platinum can be used. You can design a ring by yourself to make the setting of the stone more delightful.

Pick up special metal –

In a unique ring, the metal selection is as important as the selection of stone. You can go for the ring with two or three metal combination. White and gold combo or platinum with yellow gold can add a sparkle to the beauty of the ring.

Unique shape –

Usually, people go for the ring with round, princess sort of diamond cuts for their engagement ring. You can choose a different cut of your diamond or other precious stone you have selected. Triangle stone, rectangular design or heart shaped stone can be an ideal choice for you.

Pearl ring –

Pearl engagement ring is unique in itself. You can go for the beautiful pearl instead of diamonds with a halo design to make the ring more eye-catching.

Hence, choices for unique engagement rings are countless. You can make a ring of your choice by combining your ideas and creativity.