Office Furniture Cleaning And Maintenance Guidelines

People have several questions in their mind concerning to the cleaning and maintenance of office furniture. You buy expensive furniture that perks up the appearance of the place and reflect your brand image.

In this blog, you will find concise solutions for your various queries about the cleaning and maintenance of your expensive office furniture.

Require Scotch Guard?

Firstly, you should buy office chairs from the professional furniture stores as they provide upholstery that are already guarded against heavy use and spills. The level of protection for office chairs depends on its design and the usage. Many of us are not aware about the right cleaner for the specific chairs, so it's better to take help of expert furniture cleaning providers.

Regular Chair Maintenance instructions:

  • Vacuum or brush the upholstery on a daily basis can increase the life of the chairs
  • Sometimes, dusting the leather surfaces with a clean cloth and soft is good.
  • For vinyl chairs, use mild soap solution for removing the smudges and dirt
  • For the wooden things, wiping surface with a damp cloth will work. Wipe it in the direction of the wood grain with cotton cloth
  • Tighten the screws and bolts of the chairs for stability and safety at regular interval. Tips for handling strains and spills
  • Clean the stain instantly. Gently brush the material and do not let the thing get dried as it would become difficult to clean
  • Go for dry cleaning solutions for the oil-based stains like oil, ink, etc.
  • Mixture of 2 tablespoons ammonia or ammoniated detergent with some water can help in removing the stains of coffee, juice, and soft drinks.

Taking help of proficient and reliable online office furniture stores is a good way to take care of your valuable furniture as the experts of these stores guide you about the entire things related to cleaning and maintenance of the things you buy.

You can find out wide range of new and used office furniture from these portals at very reasonable rates.