Office Design Tricks For Enhancing Office Decor And Outcomes

Office space plays a vital role in perking up your productivity and keeping your employees active at work. Arranging a desk according to Feng Shui can add sparkle, but at the same time, some more small but effective changes in the overall ambiance can perk up the efficiency of your employees. Here, are some useful tips you can follow to improve your office decor.


Every workplace requires proper lightings to make the employees work comfortably. The lights you choose for your premises have to be perfectly matching with the interior of your space. It should not be too dull or too sparkling that hurts eyes. If possible, try to bring in natural lighting in the room through windows and making the space open. Arrange the office desks near to windows with blinds for adjustable lighting.

Room colour

Room colour also affects our mood. So having bright and inspiring colours in your surroundings is very important. Colours evoke your physical and emotional response and that reflects in your work. So, paint the premises with exciting colours to energize your employees.

Noise level

Follow some tricks to reduce the level. The excess noise of constant phone calls or irritating sounds from the office equipment and machines should be reduced. This let individuals concentrate on their work fruitfully. Use some freestanding screens or partitions for noise reduction.

Air quality

Air quality affects the health of individuals and that increases their sick leaves. So, install air filters in your space for purifying the air and letting your employees stay healthy. Planting more and more plants near your space can also help in purifying the air quality in your premises. Placing small air purifiers near the office desks is a good alternative to fresh and pure air.


Our body needs rest and some refreshments to regain our energy. This is like fuelling a vehicle to go. You can keep some healthy snacks like nuts, fresh fruits, juices, tea, etc. in a small area where employees can enjoy small breaks and refreshments to work efficiently.

These small ideas and tips can be helpful in improving your office design and productivity of your employees.