Myth About Opal Stone Brings Bad Luck Deflated

The people born in October month have two birthstones tourmaline and opal. Many of them have doubts in mind about wearing it. Can I wear opal/ id it brings bad luck? are some of the common questions among individuals. These are age-old myths about such stone. It is also said that if it is not your birthstone and you are wearing it, is not good for you.

It is time to expose these myths!

In realism, the opal has no supernatural influence and no evidence for this multi-color stone bringing bad luck is collected. Indeed, it provides protection to the wearer if it is his birthstone. It is reversed if worn by a person some other birth month. This faith is probably based on the frailty of the stone. It is very ordinary for real opals to break, as they are extremely delicate, but this calamity could occur to any opal holder, October-born, if the gemstone is not carried properly or handled carelessly.

If you do not like opal, you are fortunate as you have another birthstone to wear. You can enjoy the beauty and luck of the other stone tourmaline. You can get Tourmaline available in wide varieties of colors. From all, pink tourmaline is considered as the most preferred stone due to its beauty and spark. It can also be used in the engagement ring as it complements different metals counting white gold, rose gold, platinum, etc.

You need to handle the opal stone jewelry pieces very carefully so that it does not get damaged or chipped. Professional can manufacture all kind of opal necklace, earrings, rings, bracelets, and other jewelry pieces to accomplish your taste and expectations.

So, now you can get the beautiful opal engagement ring and other jewelry pieces without worrying about the luck and enjoy the beauty of different kinds of opals and tourmaline.