Latest Trends in Mens Diamond Rings

When it comes to wedding rings, men’s diamond rings are the ones that symbolize reasonably modern invention. Before 19th century there were many men who did not prefer to wear wedding band although the existence of diamond rings for women also was not on a large scale. However, the jewelry industry who were trying to originate the market did not survive for long who almost handled to survive to make the sell to the public on the initiative of double diamond ring wedding sets but however wedding bands itself was a plain gold bands which was very rare. However, it was only after 1950 that men’s diamond rings became quite familiar as well as everyone’s favorite.

Excellent Marketing Campaign

The simple and popular phrase “Diamonds are forever” virtually converted the diamond ring market during the night. Is was a phrase which was invented by anonymous advertising executive for the DeBeers Corporation, that to this day directs better on half of the world diamond trade. The campaign was launched in 1950 and in least years of duration diamond jewelers was hardly able to keep up with the command for diamond rings consisting of men’s diamond rings.


Presently, double diamond wedding sets are very usual consisting also even with the engagement ring. When it comes to men’s diamond rings, there are several alternatives available with different style, cut and type of a metal. One of most favorite is white gold diamond rings pursuing with yellow and red gold. Presently, even platinum, palladium and tungsten diamond rings are accessible. However, this precious metal are even valuable compared to gold but are even more durable as gold is considered to be a very soft metal.

Today, atleast there is one famous company that concentrates in these kind of rings commencing the center stone is leaving unmounted  with the intend to permit the consumers to select the diamond or other kind of gem that she/he prefers.

There are different cases that one might be obviously able to design their self individual rings with the guidance provided by a diamond jeweler. These are the services that are additionally charged with the assurance of obtaining a completely elegant piece of jewelry.

Amount to be Spend

Diamond wedding sets fluctuate with the prices ranging from least to huge investment. The basic amount required to be spend is nearly about three-four months salary starting from wedding set to an engagement ring. Presently there are lots of couples who exchange “promise rings” as a gift with the starting of a relationship, even “eternity rings” that are replaced soon after the wedding anniversary. Nevertheless, men’s diamond rings are available only for these particular occasions, even engagement as well as the wedding.