Know Popular Earring Styles To Dazzle Every Occasion

Different people have different choices about the jewelry they buy and wear. They pick up different styles of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more ornaments in different patterns and metals. Shopping for a specific kind of earring can narrow your search and help you in getting the best piece suiting your face type.

Here, are some common earring types are available that can help you in getting the perfect designer earring for you -

Teardrop earrings , same as its name, shaped like a dewdrop or teardrop. These earrings are generally made from solid silver, gold, platinum, or gemstones. These are beautifully designed to dangle underneath the earlobe. Teardrop earrings that facet wide-ranging surface adornments are frequently asked by the consumers as the dangle earrings.

Dangle earrings are spectacular earrings that are dangling below the earlobe. Beads, squares, rounds, die-cut metal designs, or curled portion of metal is the identity of such earrings. These are available in the narrow and wide pattern. You can make a better choice by paying attention on the width of the dangle earrings as per your face type.

Sparkling single stone, ball, square, or any other shaped design that directly sits on the earlobe are known as studs. These are traditional earring style. Looks cool on every face types and are ideal for any occasion and daily use as well.Diamond stud earrings can enhance your persona and these are very affordable.

Chandelier earrings unite the design essentials of drop and stud earrings. These earrings characterize a decorative stud that meet on the earlobe and a part that dangles underneath the earlobe. Diamond chandeliers with sleek design look awesome in any party or celebration.

These classic earrings are created from the flat or round pieces of metal running from the front to the reverse of the earlobe. They are accessible in an extensive range of widths and circumferences in distinct designs and patterns. You can get them in any metal suiting your taste and likings.

Huggie earrings are somehow same as the hoop earring, but these are smaller. These usually have small and wider hoop that clamps on the ear.

Cluster earrings sit on the earlobe and features stunning clusters of sparkling rhinestones, gemstones or other attractive essentials that may expand beyond the base of the earlobe. You can wear it with any dress on any event, as they tend to be very flashy.