Birthstones of June

Know more about the Birthstones of June

Birthstone is very important for many individuals as plays vital role in their life. Every month has a different gem as the birthstone. June has three gems as birthstone counting pearls, moonstone, and alexandrite. Every stone has its own beauty, charm, and style. Several individuals prefer their birthstone fitted in their engagement ring or wedding bands or Anniversary bands. Know your birthstone and enjoy wearing it in your precious engagement ring.

Pearl is deliberated as the world’s oldest gem. These are unique and stunning in looks. Pearls are different from other gems as these are not found in the earth’s crust, instead are created by the sea creatures like oysters and mollusk. Pearls do not require any polishing or finishing for enhancing their natural beauty. They appear shiny, eye-catching and wonderful naturally.

Various options in the range of pearls are accessible counting the seawater, freshwater, created available in several astonishing and delightful colors that simply look gorgeous in every kind of jewelry pieces including necklace, engagement rings, bracelets, earrings.

Alexandrite is a high-quality stone that is used in the modern jewelry with an excellent ability to change colors. It appears bluish-green or green in daylight and shows purplish-red and other light shades of red in the glowing light. This exceptional optical feature crafts it one of the most expensive and loveable stones of all.

Moonstone is the birthstone of June resembles like other delightful stone like pearl and opal. These appears translucent with a luster and are accessible in several colors counting gray, peach, yellow, pink, blue, etc. The gleam and delight of moonstone are loved by individuals as it stunning in looks as well as offers some healing properties as well. It is considered that by wearing moonstones ring, you can get relief from stress, reduced headache, treats hormone imbalance, reduces the chance of strokes, etc.

The price ranges of these stones vary depending on their quality, size, and weight. You can choose any of your preferred gemstone for your Contemporary engagement rings.