Is Link Building For Blogs Dead?

Is Link Building For Blogs Dead?

Link building in 2015 is assumed to be dead contradictory to the belief that building quality backlinks is one of the key aspects of SEO. Google considers quality links as a part of its ranking algorithm. Directly building links isn’t the right way. Your main aim should be to guarantee that your content goes viral on its own. Let your users share it on their own websites and blogs instead of you creating the links. More than relying on link building, depend on link gaining.

Are links harmful?

When a user searches any query on the internet, Google’s job is to search the most appropriate pages on the web and rank them based on its authority and quality. Inorganically gained signs of quality or authority might affect the ranking accuracy.

Generating poor quality links or gaining too many same kind of links from similar class-C ip address or links through irrelevant sources can lead to a manual or algorithmic penalty. Link building could be risky but it doesn’t mean it always would be. It will definitely lead you to success if it is done carefully after understanding all the factors.

What is the right way to build links?

Links are considered valuable in ranking algorithm since they are an indication of authority, trust and credibility.

Building links yourself doesn’t convey any actual reliability because you are the one building them. Thus try to develop high quality unique content that is valuable and more likely to be shared. If the content quality is higher it will naturally attract more backlinks.

Share your content through social media sites and it will help in generating quality links on its own. Executing this type of content regularly is worth it, if higher authority is your ultimate aim.

Guest blogging is another way to build links. It is the process of establishing relationships with other blog owners, journalists or editors in order to earn the right to contribute to their publications.

Benefit of quality links

Over the last few years the concept of link building has changed. Comparatively it requires more time and effort to accomplish successful link building. Earning links through quality content publication both on and off your site leads to substantially more value.

Link building is not dead and you should not avoid it entirely. However, its time you should consider updating your strategy. Focus more on earning links through quality content. You can organically build links based on trust and authority and stay away from getting penalized.