Introduction of Diamonds in Color

Grading of Diamonds

Diamonds are simply a small stone to observe as well as to wear though, they are much obscure far compared to what the naked eye can observe where the composition is formed of absolute carbon which has been crystallized within the isometric arrangement. As there is nothing much harder compared to diamond and therefore it is considered to be one of the precious and exceptional.

The classification of the four C’s was brought in grading system and situate worth on a diamond and they are classified as color, cut, clarity and carat weight. Below mentioned is mainly objected on Color,


GIA (Gemological Institute of America) instituted color standards uptil when it was made into action they focused to illustrate the status of purity of color within a diamond. Grading of diamonds are done starting from their whiteness, whitest which is created from 100% pure carbon derived with the “D” letter whereas the most yellowish in color is described with “Z” letter. Diamonds are differentiated with a reputed class of special stones that estimates certainty on the scale the diamond wherein the query resists.

Today, there are two kinds of systems used and both of them are utilized. GIA has introduced an alphabetical scale ranging with “D” standing for colorless improvement through “Z”. AGS (The American Gemological Society) derives a number service that is in same manner as GIA’s rather they utilize “0” for whitest/colorless and even “10” for the most yellowish diamonds.

Usually, the whitest/colorless stones assume as one of the most expensive due to the reason which they sparkle even more compared to those containing yellow color. They sparkle much as they permit additional light within and reflect it backwards rather than obstructing it. Yellow stones secure little portions of light and fail to reflect whole light which passes again backwards.

Severe white stones are uncommon compared to yellow multiplicity and so it is very expensive. Following are the two factors which determine the fluctuations in prices of diamonds.

As there are various diamonds that are colored naturally with impurities or defects present in their formation at the time of constitution and therefore they are spotlighted with wondrous colors such as blue, pink, black, orange, violet , pale green and red that are uncommon color among all, so this makes their cost higher compared to the clearest stones. Yellow is one of the most ordinary color observed in diamond and so the slightest worth which is created by nitrogen. In the admiration of a blue diamond, it is the existence of boron which forms its coloration and the green color observed in a minute amount of diamonds is created through the exposure to radiation.

Also, there are diamonds which consists of a little amount of fluorescence which is frequently spotted on a diamond certificate while buying certified diamond which determines that they the capability to glow below and ultraviolet light.