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Inflatable Bath Lifts Great Option For Mobility Disability People

Today, there are several options are available in the market for the disabled people who are unable to take bath independently. Bath lifts are one of the most reliable and liked option among all. Bath lifts are specifically designed for the individuals with mobility disabilities, lower extremity, or arthritis. Bath lift is the best option if you are finding it difficult to bend or need more support when bathing.

Using the lift is very simple and effective as it is designed in a way to lower you from the bath rim to the bottom of the bath, and back again. Most bath lifts are motorized and are powered by a rechargeable battery. A motorized bath lift can give you the liberty to enjoy a wonderful and soothing soak in the bathtub. The battery functioned bath lifts are utterly secure to use in the water. These are light in weight so is easy to remove and transport when require. You can operate the bath lifts with remote control handset that allows you to choose up and down movement according to your needs.

Inflatable bath lifts have incontestable advantages. They may not be appropriate for every individual. They usually need a reasonable quantity of upper body strength. You need to make balance while descending or ascending. It is worthwhile to have correctly positioned grab rails for providing sufficient support. A rigid bath seat is more appropriate for the people who are more unstable.

Another thing you need to consider while using inflatable bath lifts is the amount of water to put into the bath. This is due to the mass of the bath lift when pumping up balanced to the size when deflated. One should completely inflate the bath lift before beginning to fill the bath and pack the bath up to at least three quarters filled.

When you shrink the cushion, the gap taken by the bath lift will decrease and hence the water level will drop. You may require topping up the bath but do keep in mind to let at least the equal amount of water out prior to you inflate the cushion once more. Leave the inflatable bath lift in the upright position at the time of not in use so that the cushion gets dry efficiently.

Using it in a proper manner will not only help you to enjoy its excellent benefits, but at the same time will increase its life. You can also make your bathroom more convenient by installing walk in showers. Walk in showers not only give comforts to the needy people to bath independently, but also improves the overall looks of your home.

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