Keyword Density

Importance Of Keyword Density In SEO

Keyword density is a new and daunting term for the new bloggers. They are confused about how to do and what to do. Though you have the best article with useful information and interesting stuff, it takes the time to get indexed in Google. We know that keywords are very important for SEO, similarly, keyword density is equally important. SEO is like the roller coaster changing regularly and to stay in the top rankings you need to keep your blog or website optimized as per the Google updates.

SEO includes several processes keyword research, on page optimization, image alt tags and much more. Among all, considering right keyword density is also important. Different methods to calculate the keyword density are accessed by different individuals. It is the percentage of a number of times a keyword appears in the whole article. It helps search engine Algo to find what your article is about, etc.

1-3 % is the approx keyword density you should use to get better results. There is no exact calculated percentage decided yet, but with this, you can get in the top rankings. Using keywords numerous times in your article is important, but without making it looks like keyword stuffing. Your content should look original with rich keywords.

You are required to use the keywords smartly for coming in the top rankings. Here is the list where you can put your keyword to gain desired results –

  • Use Keyword in Permalink
  • H1 tag
  • H2 Tag
  • At the beginning of the content
  • In the end of the content
  • Meta title Tag
  • Mark the important keywords in Bold and Italics
  • Insert relevant Image and
  • Use your targeted keyword as anchor text
  • Use keywords in variation to reduce the density.

Avoid keyword stuffing, focus on writing good content and insert the right keywords at the right place. You can take help of professional SEO specialists that can optimize your blog and website, use right keywords with right keyword density and related services to bring you in the top results of search engines. They can provide you first-class cost-effective SEO services with ease.