How to win at SEO in the Age of the App

How to win at SEO in the Age of the App

If you haven’t started with SEO and ASO (App Store Optimization) yet, it is time for you to pay attention to it. Probably you are lagging far behind your competitors in search engine results. Be it Google or an app store, creative and passionate approach is required to gain a spot in those top search results.

You should consider the flowing tips to get started:

1. Be Mobile Ready

Mobile devices have undoubtedly outdone desktops as the dominant platform for using internet. Owing to this change, Google announced that it will change its ratings to favor responsive sites. All the pages on your site will now be assessed by the search for mobile usability. Every aspect of your site would be explored including how information flows on the screen or size of the font and how close your links are to allow the ease of touch. You get a mobile friendly tag if your site meets Google’s standard. Instead of just focusing on your home page, make your entire site responsive. Google also provides a Mobile Friendly Test to help you analyze your website.

2. Optimization of App store

Getting your app to the top of the search results is crucial. For this your keyword and your app name should favor you. Do your research and decide which keyword gives you the maximum traffic and work on your app name. Maintain a balance between naming and branding. Include keywords in your app name and its description. The description could be changed at any moment so it’s alright to experiment a bit.

The next important trick is how you would get people to download your app after finding it. Evaluate to check what would work the best for you. Also adopt new app store guidelines quickly.

Few other basics that you should consider are text clarity, attractive pages with screenshots and images and text that explains what solutions your app offers. Customers will appreciate the expertise of your app once you get them to download it.

You can make your app sticky with push notifications, feedback opportunity and other interactions. When done correctly it will produce valuable marketing and also keep your product in users’ minds.

3. Velocity and Volume

App stores will feature your app till the time it beats others in velocity and volume. Use AppAnnie, a tool for detailed analytics to help you measure your marketing results. You can then target campaigns to shoot for download in specific time periods. The velocity and volume bump can help increase your ranking.

Other tools like Tap Joy, lets users choose their ad preferences and then reward them for engaging with the in app ads they see regularly. Businesses get the audience that has chosen them and users know that the ads they see match needs. Such services will help you in targeting audiences for greater result.

Get ready for the journey

If you still haven’t started your new world SEO journey, then it’s the right time to do so. Many tools are available to set you on the right path. So start now before your competitors get the best of your market.