How To Wear Wedding Bands

How To Wear Wedding Bands

Wedding bands are as important as engagement rings and should be worn properly. You might want to position it with your engagement ring or wear it differently as the time passes; there are various ways to ensure your ring becomes the focal point. You can do this by adhering to certain points. While wearing a wedding band may seem simple, yet there are some tips that can ensure that your ring gets the center stage and is protected from damage. Following are some ways to wear wedding rings.

  • Size: Select a ring that can be removed easily. It can be difficult to loosen stuck rings. You can make the wedding bands slightly larger than engagement rings.
  • Customs: You need to consider cultural, regional and religious customs while wearing the wedding bands. European countries prefer wearing the ring on their right hand.
  • Placement: Depending on the size, you can place the wedding band on the outer side of an oversized engagement ring or wear it inside in case it is larger than your engagement ring.
  • A large stone rings: If your engagement ring has large diamond, place it on the outer side of the wedding band.
  • Curved rings: Wear a curved wedding ring at the inner side of the engagement ring so that the curve shows off the diamond well.

How to wear wedding ring at the wedding ceremony?

Understanding how to wear wedding bands during the ceremony is a matter of concern for a lot of couples. The main concern arises on how the bride should wear her engagement ring during the wedding ceremony. If the rings are soldered together, they would be treated as a wedding band and can be suitably placed on her finger during the ceremony. However in case of separate rings there are different options to consider.

  • During the ceremony you can wear the engagement ring in the left hand and switch its place after the wedding.
  • Keep the engagement ring at a secured place and wear it directly after the wedding.

Wearing engagement ring and wedding band together

If a woman wants to wear her engagement ring and wedding band as a matched set, the wedding band is worn on the finger first. If worn separately the set looks incomplete.

If the rings are separate it gets simpler to remove them while performing harsh activities that can cause potential damage to the rings.

When to remove wedding bands

There are times when you should not wear wedding bands. It should be removed while doing household chores, playing sports and activities that can damage the stones. Temporarily remove the loose fitting rings when you go for swimming.

If the couple gets divorced, the ring can be removed when they separate. If the spouse dies, the other spouse can choose to remove the ring for some time. This is completely a personal choice.

How to Wear Misfit Wedding Bands

A wedding ring may become tight or loose over the years. If you don’t want to resize it, you can still wear it by trying these ideas:

  • Wear it as a pendant which remains close to heart.
  • Wear the ring on different finger if it fits there.
  • Reuse the diamond into a necklace, earrings or upgraded ring.

Understanding how to wear wedding rings symbolizes the couples’ love for each other. Wedding bands are a symbol of undying commitment. Wearing it daily shows how much you love your partner. You are the best person to determine how the ring suits your hand and how you can wear it gracefully.