How To Shop For Diamond Necklaces

Diamond pendants and necklaces are very popular fashion accessories amongst women. They are exquisite and understand the elegance to be a fashion statement huge enough for a red carpet type entrance. Whether the diamond is mounted in an elaborate halo design or alone as a solitaire setting, a diamond necklace excels beyond fashion vogue.

The princess cut and round brilliant cut diamonds are the two most popular choices when it comes to pendants. A fancy shaped solitaire can also be made into an elegant piece of jewelry. It not just complements the outfit but also is used as a status symbol and an indication of wealth and privilege. Selecting the perfect design takes a lot of time and thorough consideration.

It is very important to understand the 4 Cs of diamonds when you are buying any diamond jewelry. Same applies for diamond necklace too. You don’t have to have knowledge of an expert but a bit of understanding always helps and makes your shopping simpler and less stressful.

Here is a guide that summarizes all essential factors to know while selecting a diamond necklace.

Understand the basics of diamond
The process of selecting diamonds for necklace is same like selecting an engagement ring. The value of diamonds based on their 4 Cs (i.e. color, carat, cut, clarity), than the basics of how they are graded etc should be considered. Before you start searching jewelry stores, it is always better to do some research on the internet.

Consider the fashion sense and style of the wearer
While buying necklace for someone else and not yourself, it becomes difficult to judge their preferences and style. You need to understand their choice properly by considering their lifestyle. Take a close look at their present jewelry to get certain hints. The necklace that you give them should match their personality. If still you are unable to select anything worthy, then buy something that she doesn’t have in her jewelry collection. Women always love getting different things.
Age of the recipient is equally important
Age is always a major factor while selecting any piece of jewelry, be it diamond earrings or diamond necklace. What appeals to your mom may not be appreciated by your friend. Sophistication and elegance in jewelry is what elder women look for whereas younger girls prefer trendy and fun designs. Best way is to find out what the recipient prefers before you buy necklace for them.

Suitable storage for diamond necklace when not worn
The maintenance and storage of necklace is damn important. It is going to cost you a bomb so you ought to keep it secured for life. Diamond necklaces should be ideally kept separately in a casing or hung by its length. A diamond can easily scratch other metals, so always keep it away from other jewelry to avoid the possible damage.