How To Select An Antique Engagement Ring

We all love to use vintage accessories. They have a different aura attached to them. There can be nothing more exciting than alluring your fiancé with an antique engagement ring. This will not only make her jump out of joy but will also be a dream come true event. But before you convert this dream into reality, you must know certain facts about that antique ring.

Time Span of the Ring
It is nearly impossible for you to guess how old the ring is by merely looking at it. It is not so important to know the age of the ring but it is good to have its knowledge. You can confirm its age by asking a renowned dealer. Another thing you can ask him is the jewelry era in which the ring belonged. If you are buying a ring from 1895 it can be classified in types likes Victorian, Art Nouveau and Edwardian. So accordingly you can do some research on the internet and select the best deal.

Check the Stones
Well if the vintage ring is original then chances are that some maintenance work is done to it. Many such rings are more than 100 years old. Most of the time dealers try to keep these rings as original as possible but with time it wears off a bit. If the ring looks new without a hint of repairs, then chances are that it is actually a new ring. You need to have this information because your better-half might insist on getting the original vintage ring.

Study the Diamond Cuts
Certain cuts are common in the antique engagement rings . If a dealer says that the ring is more than 100 years old and has a round brilliant cut diamond in it then chances are the diamond has been replaced. The advantages and disadvantages of having a modern or antique diamond in the ring depends a lot on your personal taste.

Insurance Appraisal of the Ring
You need to check whether the ring comes with insurance appraisal as it allows you to acquire jewelry insurance to protect your investment. Most of the insurance companies won’t add a minute piece of fine jewelry to your policy without an appraisal. Make sure the appraisals that you get are acceptable by the insurance companies. The only thing you need to ensure is that you are taking it from a reputable source.

Return Policy
Not only you should be aware of the jeweler’s return policy but also know if the jeweler offers any warranty on the ring . Most of the diamond rings have no warranty attached to it, thus having jewelry insurance becomes vital. It is true that antique as well as authentic diamond jewelry is indestructible but to be on the safer side make the dealer stand behind the authenticity of the diamond ring.