How to Examine false Diamond Engagement Ring?

As diamond engagement rings are very costly and intentionally due to its representation of sharing life together and commitment being serious. Couples who are looking out for purchase of diamond engagement rings can approach to several merchants as well as jewelers to surpass off sub-standard and false diamonds by charging higher prices.

How can you judge that the Diamonds are real or false?

Following are few of the simple tests you can examine your diamond ring, following are few steps which can be followed:

Using a Diamond Tester

A diamond tester is a kind of electronic equipment that can assist you in finding the accuracy of a diamond by utilizing its weight. The accurate atomic weight of diamond is determined with perfect accuracy and if there are chances that the stone deviates from the assumed weight series then it is considered as a positive test considering a false diamond. However, the electronic tester cannot perfectly determine that the stone is a real diamond or it is fake. Nevertheless, it can be a false diamond or lab created which can make its varying weight to fluctuate.

Using a Scratch Test

Diamond is considered as one of the hardest material known to people and therefore, it must be able in scratching the glass. In case, if the diamond stone fails to scratch the glass then the diamond is considered to be a false one.

Perfection in the Diamond

When a diamond is perfect then the chances are higher of its fakeness. Authentic diamonds contains flaws and inclusions, also the costlier stones and this is just a natural outcome of their formation. However, authentic diamonds containing no flaws and inclusions must be cared with a very high degree of distrust and it is much alike a fake stone.

Appraisal for the purpose of Insurance

Make the arrangement of the stone that needs to be appraised both for the purpose of insurance as well as set up for real diamond that you have in your hand. Moreover, the diamond appraiser would be able to set up an accuracy of your diamond engagement ring utilizing the AGS laboratories grading system which considers cut, clarity, carat (weight) and color which are known as 4C’s.

Authentic Diamonds possess great Fire

While the light hits the diamond the shine will be extreme and you would be able to observe this severe light with the center of the diamond which is called as stone’s “fire”. Instead, fake diamonds would not be able to fight in terms of shine or the extremeness of the fire. However, you can easily make the comparison between real and fake diamonds.

Fog and Breath Examination

This is very easy to execute. Here you need to hold the ring in front of your mouth and then to breathe on it. Then the diamond will fog with your breathe and if it is a real stone then the “fog” will disappear very instantly though the diamonds cannot itself hold the fog. And in case if the stone is artificial, then the fog will remain on the stone nearly for 10 to 15 mins which suggests that it is not a real diamond.

Other things to consider are like, when you hold a diamond to the light you may not be able to observe all the colors of the rainbow laid out similar to some kaleidoscope. You must observe the shades of grey within the scheme of the color and in case if you do not then it’s sure that you are having fake. Further, real diamonds are never arranged other than platinum, titanium or gold or it can be other kind of high-quality metal which is found very rare.