How To Choose Diamond Stud Earrings Within Your Budget

All beautiful things of superior quality come at higher price. It applies for diamond jewelry too. Diamonds with better quality look stunningly beautiful and have excellent sparkle in them but they command higher price as well. In this article, we will explain how to find out the best value for your diamond stud earrings, which means finding the brightest diamond for the lowest cost.

Firstly, we would recommend an excellent cut diamond of G-H color and eye clean clarity. Such earrings are moderately priced and have dazzling appearance similar to expensive diamonds. The major reason being, the excellent cut breaths sparkle, and life in the diamond. Another reason is eye clean diamond has no flaws visible to naked eyes and cost lesser than the higher clarity grades.

If you are low on budget, it is all right to buy diamond of lower quality. After all each and every diamond earring sparkles when worn. And the advantage is, for the same price many women would rather wear 1 carat stud of a lower quality than ½ carat higher quality stud.

Many e-commerce websites are available today from where you can browse a variety of diamonds. They sell the same quality diamonds at reasonable rates as compared to retail jewelry store. You can also compare the prices of various internet jewelry sites. You also get the fee insurance against loss of any kind.

Before making any decision, selecting the 4 Cs (Color, Cut, Carat, Clarity) of diamond is very crucial.

How to choose the correct color?
The finest diamonds are colorless, expensive, and rare. GIA grading scale considers D-F as colorless. Any grade J or below shows an increasingly yellowish tinge. The color of the diamond however does not affect its sparkle or brightness. Experts agree that when a diamond in the G-H range is mounted, it appears colorless.

What is the right clarity in diamond?
Diamond Stud earrings with fewer flaws are rare and thus expensive. These flaws done detract from the beauty of the diamond since they are not visible to naked eyes. So you can opt for any cheaper diamond stud and it will look beautiful.

How to select the right diamond cut?
The cut of diamond is the most prominent attribute that makes the diamond brilliant and beautiful. A well cut diamond reflects light internally and displays a dazzling display of light back through the top of the stone. Before you buy a diamond look in its centre and if you find dark facets or a dark ring around the center, it is probably due to poor cut.

Whatever diamond stud you choose will look beautiful for sure. Therefore, do not worry if you are budget is tight, you can still get the best deal at your preferred price.