How To Care For Your Platinum Engagement Ring

Platinum is the most expensive metal used for engagement rings. It is scratch resistant and very durable but the ring should be removed while doing rough work or while using certain chemicals. Platinum engagement ring can be cleaned on your own with a mild soap solution, warm water and gentle bristle brush. A renowned jeweler can help in retaining the natural luster of ring if it loses its shine over time.
Whenever you are not wearing your engagement ring, you should store it in a fabric lined container away from other jewelries that can cause scratches.

It is a ring that lasts forever
The rarity and durability of platinum makes it the perfect choice for an engagement ring. It signifies depth and uniqueness of your commitment and love. This investment is one that will last for life and will certainly be valuable in the long term. The precious metal of the ring will keep it secured from damages. You can flaunt this ring for ages to come.

Is a platinum ring correct for you?
Deciding to choose platinum for your engagement ring is usually a matter of personal preference and budget. It is undoubtedly a gorgeous metal with unmatched durability and strength. However you can consider the following reasons before making the purchase.
1. The idea of such an expensive, valuable and rare metal is alluring but the expense can dissuade many couples from opting for platinum engagement ring. A lot of people are unable to spot the difference between white gold and platinum or even sterling silver rings, thus the expense generally goes unnoticed.
2. Resizing platinum jewelry could be a bit challenging since it isn’t as malleable as silver and gold. You might have to shell more for the work and research to look for a jeweler who has all the required tools and finds this type of job convenient.
3. Platinum is an extremely strong metal but it can be damaged. Considering it is more brittle than gold, the damage can be severe. A specialized jeweler will be needed to perform quality repairs.
4. The cost of repairing platinum ring is higher than any other metal.
5. It will be smart if you consider additional insurance to protect your investment since platinum engagement rings are so expensive.

You need to be careful with platinum engagement rings and do not neglect cleaning it. After considering all these factors you can decide on buying the platinum ring. No doubt it will be one of the biggest purchases you will ever make but it is totally worth it. After all true happiness lies in making your love happy.