Sitting Job Is Hurting Your Health

How Sitting Job Is Hurting Your Health

People like to sit and work in their offices in front of the computer screens under cool temperature. But, constant sitting is hurting their health. It begins with their flexibility, posture, joint health and mobility. If you are sitting on your office chair or couches for longer hours, you are reducing your healthy years. Our body is designed for regular movement and if we do not do so, we are hurting our health.

Long term sitting causes increase in weight, obesity, increased risk of certain types of cancers, heart diseases, joints pain, and muscles pain. This drops the calorie-burning rate of the body to one calorie for every minute. This also gives rise to the diabetic type 2. It also increases the cardiovascular events. It also affects your digestive system. Varicose Veins and weak bones are some of the other side effects people face when are in sitting jobs for the long period.

To combat such problems, you need to improve your sitting habits and bring in some changes in the routine to keep yourself healthy.

You become lazy and feel tired soon after doing small things. Picking the right used office chairs is the foremost way of giving yourself the right treat of staying healthy. Choose ergonomic operator chairs or executive chairs as per your body type and work. Adjust the monitor to your eye level and keep your hands straight over the arm rest.

You need to follow some healthy routine including exercising, yoga, and healthy diet and so on for improving your health while working in offices. Some simple ideas can make you stay away from the severe health risks counting -

Stand up while receiving calls and have a walk after having lunch.

Try our sitting/standing desk if your work makes you use office desk for a longer time.

Arrange the casual meetings with colleagues while having a walk instead of gathering in the meeting rooms and again sitting on the meeting chairs.

Give yourself few minutes for meditation or some light exercise in office in the break to give rest to your body.