How SEO Helps Small Businesses to Compete with Big Brands

It is believed that Google favors big brands, but at the same time the fact is that small businesses can compete with the bigger names for organic search engine traffic. Even though small businesses are tight on budget they can still get their fair share of organic sales leads on Google. Check how:

Take Advantage of Your SEO Assets

If the domain of your business is from 1990s or 2000s, then SEO will favor you. Old domains prove to be beneficial for SEO since it stands for reliability, stability and competency. Never discard an old domain to pursue some sort of branding or SEO tactic to avoid making the situation worse.

Check in Google Analytics the pages of your website and blog which generate the maximum organic traffic. Analyze the overall website and its page views and check for the most popular entry pages. These pages prove to be high-quality target pages for SEO since they are already precious to your website visitors. Google understands this and gives them good visibility during your SEO campaign.

You also need to first make sure that your website is communicating properly with Google before spending on your SEO campaign. You can check this by using Google Webmaster Tools which tells you where exactly the search engine wants you to fix your website.

Here is a list of attributes for a well optimized website:

1. Use Long Tail Keyword

Competing for high volume keywords with big brands might not be so successful. Instead of this search for “long tail” keywords which are longer search phrases and have a higher prospect of conversion. Make your SEO campaign around this as you get a better chance of being more visible. The raw traffic numbers won’t be equivalent to what the big keywords deliver; still your traffic has the potential to convert.

Also ensure that your website pages are particularly designed in relevance to your targeted long tail keywords. You want the links to come on these pages for great conversion elements.

2. Make Your SEO Campaign Around Content Marketing

As we all know, content is highly important for SEO. Producing content of high quality can anytime give a small business an upper edge over the bigger ones. Anything that you write should be authoritative and useful. Create content with topics you know are appealing to your audience. Put in lot of creativity in your blogs and website to get attention from your viewers. Submit good articles on high authority relevant sites with a link pointing towards your website home page. Over the time you will get good visibility in search engine.

3. Understand the Full Worth of SEO

Writing unique, quality content takes time but it’s totally worth the efforts that you take. Results can be seen in the way of organic traffic. Apart from this a well optimized website will require some investment. This will not only help in SEO but also help in effectiveness with customers. User friendly navigation and page loading speed are highly valued by Google. As opposed to this if your site takes time to load and is difficult to navigate, your visitors will log out and buy from your competitors.

It is essential for you to follow good SEO practices for getting good business. It has lot of hidden values which you should realize to get maximum benefit for your business.