Food Best For Your Teeth

Have The Food Best For Your Teeth

Teeth are very important to us. It gives us a wonderful smile, opportunity to enjoy our favourite food effortlessly. No wonders! You are taking great care of your teeth - brushing, flossing, using good quality mouthwash, etc. Still facing dental problems, got stuck what is the problem. The reason may be hidden in your refrigerator.

Without teeth, you might be not able to have raw veggies, crunchy fruits, no nuts! Sound horrifying, right!

Yes, the food you eat affects your overall health along with your teeth. To keep the dental problems away and to have stronger, brighter and healthier teeth, know what you are eating and drinking.

Some best foods that can do marvels for your teeth and overall oral health are as follows -

Have phosphorous, calcium rich food
Phosphorous and calcium are the rich elements to stop the erosion of enamel, an essential thing for keeping your teeth in shape and healthy. Yogurt, cheese, tofu, eggs, Brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds are the rich source of these essentials to keep your teeth strong.

Food with mine of vitamin C and Vitamin D
Enjoy the delicious citric fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins C andamp; D. sunlight is the best source for vitamin D and for getting plenty of vitamin C you can have broccoli, oranges, strawberries, etc. These are good for your overall health.

Water-rich crunchy fruits
Let your teeth be nourished with food with plenty of water. Enjoy watermelon, grapes, berries, etc. that produce more saliva when chewing. This neutralizes the bacteria causing gum diseases.

Improve your eating habits
The way you eat is also very crucial to improve your oral health. Timing is important. Avoid having chips, chocolates, cheesy things at night or before you sleep, as this is bad for your teeth. Brush before you sleep.

Along with this, get a routine consultation and check up at definite intervals. You can consult the Endodontic Dentist if the problem gets serious and you are in need of root canal. With the help of professional dentists, you will be able to smile, enjoy your favourite food again.

You can incorporate some of the food from the following in your routine diet for a better oral health -

andbull; Milk
andbull; Cheese
andbull; Water
andbull; Sugarless Chewing gums
andbull; Meat
andbull; Nuts
andbull; Berries
andbull; Cranberries
andbull; Oranges
andbull; Whole grains
andbull; Ginger
andbull; Kiwis
andbull; Pears
andbull; Soy
andbull; Raisins
andbull; Black coffee

Moreover, do not forget about the basics. Take out some time for yourself from your busy routine and if needed, bring some changes in your routine to enjoy the healthy white teeth forever. Have a happy andamp; healthy Smile!