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Guidelines For Bathroom Modernizing For Elderly Access

In surveys, it is found that injuries that happen in the bathroom are more common among the older people. Whether you are getting older, bringing your parents into your home or want to plan for your future, there are distinct bathroom remodeling steps and options are accessible to make your bathroom space more accommodating to elders.

Some of these you can fix by yourself and some require experts to make your place more effective and useful for every family member. Choosing the right option depends on the level of mobility and requirements of the individual using the bathroom. Walk in showers can be the best alternative to give independence and ease to enjoy soothing shower to your loved ones. Along with the walk in showers, walk in bathtubs there are several things you can do to perk up the usability of your bath area.

Some of the bathroom improvements you can do yourself are as follows -

• Set up grab bars - Installing high-quality grab bars around the toilet and in the shower can aid your elders and disabled family members to stay steady on their feet. You can install the wall bars parallel to the ground for better security.

• Revolutionize the doorknobs and handles – Replacing the old harder knobs and handles of cabinets and sinks with the larger and easy to use one is a good way to increase the level of ease for disabled. You can also replace the faucets in the shower if they are old and difficult to turn. Use simple, large, and stylish kind of fixtures and faucets to perk up the usability as well as the overall appearance of the place.

• Advance the lighting With age, our vision is decreased. So, make sure your bathroom has enough lights. Replacing the old bulbs with some bright lightings or adding extra light fixtures can help your loved ones to avoid slip and falls.

• Install a thermostatic shower tap – using the faucets with a thermostatic valve reduces the chances of burn, as these do not get hot easily.

• Choose the best walk in bathtub – To get in and out and climb the bathtub can be a very difficult task for aged and injured people. So, walk in bathtub is the best solution for such people. Walk in bathtubs with belts offer ease to get in and out of the tub and enjoy a soothing bath experience.

• Fix a nonslip mat - Slippery floor upsurges the changes of fall and injuries. By using nonslip mats on the floor, on the shower floor you can avoid the risk of fall and slip to a great extent.

• Replace or remove the rugs – Wet rugs can also be a reason of people to fall or slip. So, removing the rugs completely or changing it with the rubber mat can do well.

• Fit a special-height toilet – elevate the toilet to some inches as it let the elders sit and stand easily. Replace the small existing toilet with a heighted one with an adjustable version providing an option to select the height as per individual’s need.

All these remodeling tips will help you in offering comfort and ease to your elders and disabled family members. So, follow the guidelines and enhance the overall appearance of your place.

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