Guide on sale of gemstones

It so happens many a times that your grandparents or your heirs might have given you their jewelry in way of caretaking or right to offer you. If it so happens you are hand over with loose gemstones with different cuts and shapes and you want to sell it having proper guidance and knowledge from someone then here are mentioned some useful guidelines.

First of all without having the knowledge and worth of a gemstone depending upon its shape you require to consult an appraiser in estimating its value and identity of gemstones. For this, a Certified Gemologist or Certified Gemologist Appraiser of the AGS can definitely help you to guide evaluating its worth and value of your gemstones.

There are even few jewelers who permit to sell products on consignment which means handling over with the receipt as well as accept the share when sold. Before making any sale you will be made aware of the selling price which has to be agreed and accepted. Even few jewelers may provide you the trade-in value with another item of jewelry.

In case if you want to simply identify and appraise your gemstones for their replacement evaluation and you prefer to pay as per the time it might take. Moreover, the appraiser must allow you with the evaluation prior planning to proceed with further process. Nevertheless, you may not the full price of its value while selling them with the quality and value of your stones in the market rather than just 50% of replacement value.