Gifting Diamonds

The hardest part is over – you’ve found the love of your life. Now is the time to find the perfect engagement ring and plan a beautiful proposal. For most people, choosing an engagement ring is their first purchase into fine jewelry. Helping thousands of soon-to-be-engaged couples find the perfect diamond engagement ring, and we continue to share our knowledge with people every day.


The wedding day is fondly treasured by every couple. And only your gift of engagement ring can capture the spirit of the unification and romance of the occasion. From lightweight to highly intricate designs, from gold bands to other precious metals diamond jewelry has a very range in Diamond which is the perfect gift for every couple’s big day. But indeed love isn’t restricted to one occasion. Diamonds are perfect for all occasions like engagements, a wedding anniversary, festivals and even Valentine’s Day. The Three popular categories of ring settings include the classic solitaire, a fancy setting with side stones and a matching bridal set. When you choose the ring setting that the diamond will be mounted in, remember to consider the wedding band and how it will look with the engagement ring.


Before making the decision evaluate the quality and value of a diamond- cut, color, clarity and carat weight – how these factors affect the jewelry. You can also find out more about different types of metal used in our jewelry, including platinum, sterling silver etc. The gift of a diamond ring or band is an unforgettable way to celebrate your marriage.