Get Coconut White Teeth With Oil Pulling

Get Coconut White Teeth With Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that is getting popular among individuals nowadays. It is a magical practice for teeth whitening naturally and other oral problems. Oil pulling with coconut oil can give you teeth a totally different and exciting teeth whitening treatment you can try at home. Different oils can be used for the process.

Benefits of oil pulling:

It offers different oral health benefits that can give you pearl white teeth with less effort. This is also beneficial to get clear and blemish-free skin.

Remove plaque –

Oil pulling with coconut oil can help you in removing the plague. It reduces the bacteria that are responsible for cavities and tooth decay. It is proven in researchers that oil pulling reduces the bacteria in saliva and plaque.

Whitens teeth –

Teeth whitening is the most favorable and common benefit of oil pulling. Swishing of the oil generates an emulsification procedure that aids in developing the oil’s scrubbing potential. This mechanical cleansing action promotes the removal of stains from your teeth and leaving coconut white teeth.

Cures awful breath -

Removal of bacteria can also give you relief from bad breath. You can see the results in two weeks that oil pulling is an affordable and effective mouthwash at curing halitosis.

Remove toxins –

You might have taken an oral treatment like mercury filling or root canal. This might leave some toxins behind. Oil pulling is effective to remove such toxins to avoid health problems like infection and inflammation.

Method of oil pulling:

It is a time-consuming but fairly simple process for tooth whitening. You can choose any oil from coconut, sesame, sunflower oil for oil pulling as per your likings. In the morning with empty stomach take a tablespoon of oil in your mouth and swish it for about 20 minutes in an easy way. You can put an alarm in your phone. After this, spit and rinse your mouth with water and then brush with a regular toothpaste.

When and how often oil pulling to be done:

You can do it 1-2 times in a day. Morning time, after you walk up is preferred. Do it regularly for a month and experience the results. You can feel a reduction in tooth sensitivity, whitened teeth etc.