Features To See For A Perfect Used Office Chair

Office chair, a vital part of any office. In every office, there are more or less desk-bound fellows present who spends average 40 hours a week on the office chair. Many of us are not aware of the ill effects of sitting for long hours on the inappropriate office chairs. This can cause severe health effects in long term. Hence, one should have ergonomic and comfortable office seating so that they can work fruitfully without keeping their health at bay.

Replace your ordinary chair with an effective ergonomic or good-quality executive office chair. While purchasing an office chair for you, consider the following features so that you can have the best chair at your workplace.

The chair should have -

Back support
Choose a chair with lumbar support. Lumber support provides rest and comfort to your back with a curve. Add a cushion to the lumbar support if you want your lower back to be more comfortable.

Sitting on a stool to work looks trendy but this is good only if you have work of few minutes. When you are required to sit and work for hours, the chair should have competent armrest making your arms at 90 degree while using the computer.

Your chair should have efficient arm and height adjustment features. Different employees can use a single chair, so the chair should have an adjustable feature so that the person can adjust the chair as per his needs.

In many offices, carpets are used on the floor. Make sure the chair you are buying having wheels especially made for carpets. Else, a strain of stroll looks bad when you stroll to take the things away from your desk.

Swivel base
Get the chair with perfect swivel base as this helps in reaching to the different parts of the desk effortlessly. You can save yourself from the arm pain with such chairs.

Right Width and depth of seat
Consider the depth and width of the chair seat. It should be comfortable to your body and make you feel relaxed while working.

Breathable fabric
The chair should have breathable fabric so that your back stays dry and fresh even during the summer season.

Check out all these points and enjoy working on a comfortable and classy office chair.