Fancy Colored Diamond Rings

If you have been thinking about buying or wishing for a fancy colored diamond you need to know some important factors. Colored diamonds are the next big trend in jewelry design. Choosing what’s right for you can be little difficult for you so while buying a fancy colored diamond for yourself or a loved one, most important is to know the differences between colored diamonds that are formed naturally and ones that are man-made.

Diamonds colored naturally are very rare and fetch very high prices. There are various ways in which colored diamonds are formed by nature. The first method is when a foreign element is introduced to the carbon material that a diamond is made from. Next method is Natural radiation deep in the earth generates diamonds with colors of green or blue. Green, red and purple diamonds are considered very rare and command high prices.

Fancy colored diamonds can also be man-made in labs. There are a variety of methods used to color diamonds. Some of these stones are purely synthetic, meaning they were totally created in a lab to simulate the properties of a real diamond. These stones can be formed in a couple of weeks where as it takes thousands of years for natural diamonds to be formed.

Having knowledge about the differences between natural and man made colored diamonds will help you to choose the diamond that’s right for you. One thing is for sure in today’s jewelry market designers are using fancy colored diamonds to create beautiful and unique designs that consumers want to own.