Etiquettes Of Boardroom For Lasting Impression

Boardrooms are not just the room with board; it is the place where discussions, meetings, decisions happen. Every business involves meetings that put you in front of bosses and co-workers. You might not be working with everyone regularly, but still you need to deal with them in the boardroom.

It means that the way you conduct yourself in them may leave an eternal impression. Hence, you must know proper boardroom etiquettes when attending meeting with colleagues, seniors, juniors, and clients. Sometimes, you might be the representative of your brand or company, appealing impression becomes more essential.

Here, are some effectual and simple etiquettes of boardroom for leaving an enduring impression -

Arrangement of boardroom furniture

For a successful meeting, the boardroom furniture has to be arranged properly in advance. Based on the needs and demands of the meeting subject, appropriate accessories should be placed in the room before the beginning of meet. Boardroom chairs should have to be well-maintained, comfortable and nice-looking so that members can concentrate comfortably. Make sure that the notepads, pen, water bottle and other essentials are efficiently arranged on the table.

Be one time

Whether you are guest or a host of the meeting, punctuality is the basic etiquette one should have. Do not be late; instead, you can reach the room before a few minutes. Leaders have to start on time so that others can follow.

Do not eat or chew

The meetings might go on for longer hours. You might feel thirsty or hungry. You can have water, tea, coffee if everybody is fine with this. You can order something to eat and refreshments for every member for the break. Say no to chewing gums in the room.

Sit properly

When you are the listener sit properly without distracting or disturbing other members. You might be feeling bored that happens to many people but is not necessary to show other people. This portrait very bad impression on others. Do not make the boardroom table a drum to play and do not swing on the chair unnecessarily; brings your bad image.

Keep phones silent and in pockets

Do not keep your phone on table, as the light or ring can be distracting for others. Keep it in pocket and take permission and go out to attend call or text back. Texting in the middle of meeting or conversation looks very unprofessional.

Follow the meeting rules

Every meeting have some regulations and you are required to follow them.

Don't be overconfident or very nervous

If it is for the first time you are attending such meeting, do not show your nervousness. Prepare well in advance if you are a participant of the meeting. Be calm and have faith in yourself. The people sitting with you also had the same feeling as you do once in their life.

If you are used to such meetings and sitting with juniors or less experienced people, do not show over confidence or let them down. This is ethically as we as appealingly wrong.