Engraving On Engagement Ring

Engagement ring engraving is an ideal way to personalize the ring without ruining the beauty of its design. It symbolizes love, togetherness and commitment. Depending on their sentiments and wishes, couples can engrave lot of meaningful and sentimental lines on engagement ring. This is becoming a trend and many couples are finding this as the best way of displaying love and passion for each other.

Some of the most popular choices are:
• Initials of both the bride and groom.
• Romantic phrase or line of poetry which depicts love.
• The proposal date or first kiss date or the engagement date.
• Words like eternity, forever, always, love, life etc.
You can also opt for other meaningful events in your life. It is your engagement ring so something that makes sense to you can be engraved. Any event that has significance in your life can also be engraved.

What types of rings can be engraved?
The rings most suitable for engraving are those that are wide enough and can provide a clear view of text. The text should not be too small or cramped. Engraving can be done neatly on silver and gold engagement rings along with platinum rings.

It becomes difficult to engrave on harder metals like tungsten and titanium. The writing could faint and won’t be properly visible. Even though women’s ring can be engraved, most of the couples choose engraving the men’s ring considering it is broader and to make it more intimate without spoiling the design.

Tips for engraving engagement rings
Engagement rings are highly expensive, so do not let an amateur to engrave on it. Always trust professional jewelers with this job. They can engrave it in few days time. Consider the following tips while you choose engagement ring engraving:
1. Select an appropriate font style and size that won’t be difficult to read.
2. Avoid using long phrases and keep your sentiments simple and short.
3. Choose a word or phrase that will be timeless and won’t go out of fashion. Plan something unique that will be suitable.
4. Check the spelling correctly before and after engraving. In case of mistakes get it corrected immediately.
5. Note down the type of engraving i.e. sentiment, font and size and then store the information with the certificate of ring. It is beneficial if the ring gets stolen.
6. To keep the engravings visible, clean it properly with soft bristled brush.

The engagement ring engraving will last forever so make it special and engrave something that will be cherished for lifetime.