Engagement Ring Advice For Guys

The best way to buy an engagement ring is to let your fiancé select it herself. By doing so she will get what she adores without compromising on other designs. After all she is going to wear it daily, so she has to like it. The ring should suit her lifestyle and feel good on her finger. But if you are planning to surprise her then you would have to select the ring yourself. If you get the judgment of her likes and dislikes, you can perhaps buy the most appropriate ring which she will love as much as she loves you.

While buying the ring, you need to consider certain points. Paying attention to her jewelry is the key point in selecting her perfect engagement ring. Women have specific preferences when it comes to accessories. They want it to be exclusive. Check out what metal she likes, does she like gold or platinum. Also check out her jewelry style. Women love experimenting, so make sure you perceive what her current favourite is. Is he wearing contemporary design, vintage or classic; you need to keep a close watch at this.

Here is a guide exclusively made for guys to understand how to select the perfect engagement ring.

1. Understand her likes and dislikes

Have you two ever gone shopping together where she pointed at certain engagement ring? Or has she mentioned her favourite style or pattern of engagement ring? If yes, then you are all set to make the purchase. And if not then take her shopping someday and purposely walk towards the jewelry store. Wait for the moment when her eyes brighten. You can also figure out this by asking her random questions about rings and knowing which type excites her most.

2. Analyze what suits her hands

Understand the size of her hands and fingers. If her fingers are short, go for smaller diamonds and vice verse. Elongated diamonds like oval and marquise make short fingers look sleek. Women with long fingers can carry off bold rings. Wide bands make fingers to appear shorter than they actually are so avoid buying it if your fiancé has short fingers.

3. Select the right shape and setting

Round diamond is the most popular shape chosen by brides. But there is no hard and fast rule for this. Your girl might like square or pear shaped stone. Her current jewelry can provide you with hunts regarding this. Firstly you need to understand the various shapes of diamonds and select accordingly.

4. Match her lifestyle

A person’s personality speaks a lot about his tastes. Some girls like classy, sophisticated accessories, whereas some prefer normal stuff without being over the top. If your bride-to-be is stylish and ravishing, you should give her the ring that suits her persona.

5. Size of her ring

This one is a tricky part. A ring should fit in properly to avoid falling from the finger. You need to be really cautious while determining the size of her ring finger. You can either check the rings that she wears or you can ask her friends to check this for you.

6. Consider buying a loose diamond

Buy a loose diamond in case you are aware of her choice of diamond. You can show this to her when you pop your big question. Then the two of you can together so to the jewelry store and get the perfect engagement setting. To know the types of diamonds, you need to have the basic knowledge of diamond.

7. Know your budget

Before jumping to any conclusion, you must keep your budget in mind. If at all your budget is tight, you can opt for affordable engagement ring. If you are ready to spend lavishly, then sky is the limit. After all marriages are made in heaven and bring two people together for life.