Effective Tips To Improve Mobile SEO Performance

Effective Tips To Improve Mobile SEO Performance

In the past some years, there has been a boost in the usage of smartphones. And, after the latest Google updates businesses are having a keen eye on improvising the mobile friendly sites. The main aim of the search engine is to deliver the effective and relevant results to the user’s query. Hence, Google released a new-flanged mobile friendly algorithm for boosting the rankings of mobile friendly websites.

There are certain technical aspects and a plethora of design changes is to be considered when planning to implement a mobile search strategy. A systematic logical approach can help to crack the mystery of improving mobile SEO performance.

Some of the important tips for improving mobile SEO performance are as follows –

Sitemap of your website

You should create and submit the sitemap for your website as it helps search engine to understand about the mobile data you want to get crawled. It records all the hierarchy and priority if the website content and remember the last dates of your pages were updated. Creating an individual XML mobile sitemap and submitting it to search engines making them serve the search queries better from the mobile phones giving leads to your website.

Avoid using the duplicate content and crawl error pages

Content is king. We all know that using unique content can help you in getting leads and get o the top rankings. The same follows with the mobile friendly sites. You should use the unique content and crawl for error pages. The robots.txt file is an extremely powerful file for the finest rendering and indexing as it permit the Googlebot for having access to your files, mobile sites, and folders. You also need to make sure that Google can index the CSS, JavaScript, and Image Files of your website.

Use the correct keywords and optimize the Meta tags

The on-page optimization is essential for your mobile site. So, the Meta tags have to be perfect. Keep the Meta title length of 55 characters and limit the Meta description to 115 characters. Do proper keyword research using the Google keyword planner for making your mobile site perform well.

Make certain your mobile site’s usability and index

You can improve the site appearance by creating an individual Google webmaster tools profile for your mobile site. This will help in bringing the entire data for your mobile site and aid to improve mobile SEO performance. Reduce the page load speed, as people do not like to wait for long after clicking on any option on your site. It directly affects the quality and usability of the user experience.