Diamond Rings for Every Occasion

Most women would rather receive diamonds as gifts than high-tech gadgets because diamonds remind them of the everlasting quality and unfailing strength of true love. This attitude is not a modern sentiment but has been in existence for centuries. The earliest written record of diamond extraction can be traced back to 296 BC. At that point of time, this carbon crystal came to be associated with religious icons.

Very soon, diamond engagement rings became popular among the wealthy class as an engagement gift. Since then, diamonds have symbolized authority, love, as well as spiritual and magical powers. Engagement rings – The day you propose to her will be special for both of you. Commemorate this memorable day by gifting the perfect ring to your bride-to-be. The collection of engagement rings comprises yellow and white gold, platinum and palladium engagement rings. You can gift her a triple-stone ring or one of the Tiffany-style solitaires. A ring from the De Simone designer collection or a Princess Cut Diamond ring is sure to sweep her off her feet.  When you are buying a ring, it is important for you to keep in mind the 4 Cs - clarity, color, carat and cut. You should remember the following in order to make a perfect choice of engagement ring for your beloved. Diamonds draw the attention of all women. There are various kinds of diamonds among which the choice can be made like vintage, solitaire, three designer engagement rings .

One important decision that is to be made while buying a diamond ring is regarding the shape. They are available in various shapes and sizes. Shapes of diamond rings are an issue regarding personal style. So the choice must be made according to preference and taste of your beloved.