Diamond in contact with fire

Diamond in contact with fire

Diamonds are forever and an ultimate gemstone combining least weaknesses and abounding strength. It has been derived from the Greek word adamas which means unbeatable. But there are situations and mishaps that your forever diamond comes in contact with fire making its color fade and cloudy in appearance. So your emotions and feelings come at a stake for a minute questioning how to get its sparkling appearance back as before? Don’t worry! There is a solution, diamond can be polished.

For polishing the diamond that had come in contact with fire would be required to remove from the mounting and later after polishing reorganize it. In case if the damage to the ring is caused more or severe then you need to visit your local jeweler for polish and will be able to use as before.

Even sometimes a situation arises that diamond is required to be sent to a diamond cutter. For this, a jeweler can help you but assure yourself that the jeweler has insurance for an agreeable cost prior handling it to him and then further to the cutter. If you have got appraisal that would also be a great help and if not then you need to estimate the diamond prior handling over it for polishing depending on the conditions of damage caused. But however to find correct estimation is obviously impossible. And if you have the insurance done then the policy will overcome all costs of the repair done. For this you have to approach insurance company.

But it is normally seen that after polishing the diamond much of its weight is reduced. All this factors are to be considered and very well explained by the jeweler estimating the total cost before proceeding for it. Nevertheless, there are various Associations that provide you the guidance and recommendations too.