Diamond Engagement Ring For Sensitive Skin

You may have heard the fairy tales from parents, grandparents many times. The story goes like this: a beautiful girl met a charming prince, fall in love, exchange rings, and them lives happily ever after. But, no one let you know about the painful, itchy, and red rash that might develop on your hand under the ring. This might turn your precious token of love into something irritating.

This might happen due to the use of metal in the ring, Therefore, while choosing the ring one should check the metal type to avoid the allergy problems for her beloved. Here are some of the important tips that can help you in choosing the best metal for a diamond engagement ring for the people with skin sensitivity.

Avoid costume jewelry –

The people with sensitive skin should avoid using the costume jewelry. These kinds of jewelry are made using some metals like nickel that can cause skin reaction in some individuals. These can cause rashes on your finger, or wrist, neck and other areas where these are worn.

Find out your skin sensitivities –

Different people can have allergies with different metals. Skin responses differently when is exposed to different metals. Some people may have allergy with low-quality alloy metals like nickel etc. However, some are also allergic to a precious metal like white gold, stainless steel, or silver. So, be careful about the metal used in the manufacturing of the jewelry while buying the distinct kinds of jewelry pieces.

Take care of your skin as well as jewelry –

Cleaning and keeping your jewelry articles clean and hygienic is important not only to retain their shine, but also to be friendly with your skin. Engagement ring, necklace and other jewelry pieces you wear every day collects dirt and other buildup from lotions, soap, creams get collected over it. You should take the ornaments out at least once a week to clean it with mild cleaning solutions. Cleaning of jewelry regularly can keep your jewelry sparkling and allergy-free for your sensitive skin.

Be cautious of hooks and clasps –

Sometimes, even if the jewelry itself is stunning and finished from a superior quality metal, jewelry designers, and manufacturers may make the clasps and hooks with lower quality metal like niobium or stainless steel to save money. This may help you to save money, but can hurt your skin.

Following these tips will surely help you in enjoying your favorite style jewelry articles without any pain or rashes.