Designing of a three stone engagement ring

A three stone engagement ring is fascinating and full of meaning comprising with a diamond and two other stones by sides which symbolizes past, present and future. These stones derive birth months of the bride and groom or it can be simply just a sparkling stone which the bride would love to adore. In the following article we will be sharing few steps that are required in making the selection of unique engagement ring with three stones.


To start with is to plan the budget for the ring by bride and groom. Buying a beautiful and memorable jewelry like an engagement ring can result into overspending. Therefore, a detailed plan has to be prepared in advance prior to any couple buying an engagement ring.


Once the budget is planned arises the question of representation of the ring. Considering that a three stone ring denotes past, present and future that differentiates in three encloses. The diamonds can also derive birthdays and also few milestones that are together received by the couple etc.


With the decision of making a choice of theme for the ring, the couple must decide the kind of diamonds has to be set on the ring. With the representation of theme of past, present and future, a stone which is originally at the center of the ring that denotes to derive the future with the two stones set on the either side. Other idea is to create a center stone as bride’s birth stone and the birth stone can in return be flanked by diamonds. There are several ways but mainly depends on the couple what they prefer.

Once the stones are selected there come the settings with three stones. Nevertheless, there are choices like an elevated setting that permits the stones to be shown off, a bezel setting which operates to defend gemstones which are soft giving less sparkle at the same time and last is modern setting which does not have the diamonds lined up side by side.

Ring Size

Lastly one of most important note has to be made is the perfect ring size. Finding perfect ring size can be done with the help of a local jeweler nearby because once the ring is made then it is very difficult to re-size it.

Moreover, making investment on three stone engagement rings can be fruitful. With the available cost the bride and groom is required to investigate and follow certain steps as mentioned above prior purchasing one.