Designer Green Gold Engagement Rings

Designer Green Gold Engagement Rings

White gold, yellow gold, rose gold are the most common types of gold you have heard in your life. One unusual and less known gold variety is green gold. It looks awesome but is not as green as a leaf. It is better described as yellow gold with a little greenish touch. Green gold appears sophisticated and classy when used with a piece of jewelry combining different colored gold counting yellow, white, and pinks. You can choose green gold for your designer engagement ring.

It appears in nature, a natural alloy greenish yellow in color, but now can be made by experts with an effective mixing of required metals like cadmium and copper. In a green gold ring, a combination of pure yellow gold and pure silver is alloyed and to make it harder sometimes zinc or nickel are occasionally added. This enhances the durability of the gold making your ring stronger and beautiful. 18K green gold would enclose six parts silver and eighteen parts yellow gold. And, in 14K green gold, ten parts silver, fourteen parts yellow gold are added. This is also known as electrum

If an alloy of silver, gold, cadmium and copper is united it provides a dark green alloy that is quite gorgeous, however, the difficulty with these alloys is that in with the intense metal cadmium the result is fairly toxic.

Custom designed green gold rings are accessible in the online jewelry stores, manufactured by mixing silver and gold in appropriate amount to provide a sparkling metal to dazzle in the hands of your beloved. Yellow and white gold rings are common among couples while choosing engagement ring or designer wedding bands, but green gold will be something new and attractive. You can choose any design and diamond cut and diamond setting for your green gold ring.