Design your own rings

Rings are more than just objects of personal adornment and portable wealth.  Since earliest times, rings have also served to tell the story of two people, how they met, and their life together. When you create a custom design piece of jewelry, you must consider three important elements:  The design, the gemstones and metals, and the craftsmanship.

The design must be a personal expression of your tastes and lifestyle.   You should work with a jeweler who will listen and help you interpret and enhance your ideas. The quality and beauty of the gemstones and precious metals used in custom design jewelry is essential.   Proper selection of the materials will have a tremendous impact on the longevity, beauty and value of your design. Once you have decided upon a design and selected the best gemstones and metals, you need to find a jeweler who can translate your vision into a jewel of stunning beauty. Be careful when looking for a jeweler and do not hesitate to examine examples of their work and to request references.

A truly great piece of jewelry is created when the best design, materials and craftsmanship are brought together. Using Diamonds to symbolize love isn’t a new concept. People once believed that Cupid’s arrows were dipped in diamonds.