Design your own Diamond Engagement Ring at Affordable cost

If you don’t have a big budget and but want to ensure you want to buy a good diamond engagement ring at lower costs for your loved one, then design the ring on your own. It may look weird as you as initially you would not have no knowledge and experience of the jewelry field. But it is a fact that you do not have to be a professional for designing the jewelry for cutting the overall costs.

All you have to do is to make a sketch of your dream ring on a sheet of paper with as much details as you can pour on it. After you have finished with the sketch, your next step should be to find out a good jeweler whose experience can turn the sketch into a great looking engagement ring. Be clear in giving all the details to the jeweler. For instance, you should clearly tell about the setting part of the ring. Tell if you want prong, bezel, channel or pave and any other setting of the diamond on the ring metal. If you tell the jeweler that his work will be reviewed by others, then he will pay more attention while making the ring.

As far as reducing the costs are concern, you can ensure it in many ways. It is always cost-effective to buy loose diamonds that are smaller in carat weight. Such diamonds are affordable as compared to single larger diamond. In other words, instead of solitaire rings opt for the ring design that can accommodate smaller gems.

Almost every online jewelry site can also be explored for designing of diamond engagement ring. These sites allow you to choose a loose diamond after comparing its prices on the site pages. Then, select a right setting of your choice out of many. You are also allowed to pick up a metal of your liking and place the order online. Within few days, you can receive the ring at your address. But the online jewelry site should also have a return policy so that you can return any wrongly designed ring to the jeweler. Thus, you have your dream ring that you design on your own at lower cost and within your budget, if you have paid attention to certain aspects.