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Decorate Your Home For Vacation With A Dime

Are you thinking to give a makeover to your vacation rental property to make more bucks, this blog will definitely help you. Renting your furnished space, sometimes bring problems as some guests may make wear and tear to your property, causing damage to your furniture, etc. This can cost a lot. But, for cherishing your guests and making them repeated customers, you are required to provide them best in class services and facilities. For doing so and saving your expensive furniture here are some tips.

Buy used furniture

You can buy inexpensive yet gorgeous looking furniture for decorating your space fruitfully. The secondhand furniture available on the online furniture stores, are numerous choices to pick.

Get slipcovers for sofas

You can cover the sofas with slipcovers for protecting them from the spill, dust, etc. you can easily wash the slipcovers and give an enchanting look and feel to the sofas in little investments. Add additional cushions for extra comforts and designer covers for perking up their beauty.

Stylish rugs

You can bring charm to your place with some designer moderately priced rugs that are easy to steam-clean or can be thrown into the washing machine. This will be a treat to the people coming to your place for vacations. With rugs you are giving privacy to them as well as freedom to decide the amount of light they want in the room.

Proper lightings

Your place should have proper lights so that the guests feel comfortable. Beautiful lightings also enhance the beauty of the room. You can arrange a desk lamp for making your guests comfortable while reading or working at the desk.


Arranging the bedroom, bathroom, living room is important. Additionally, do not forget to organize the kitchen. Many people love to cook even on vacations or your guest might feel hungry in midnight. Proper kitchenware and arrangement will let the individual cook and enjoy what they want effortlessly.