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Common Mistakes To Avoid While Decorating Your Home

Home is the starting place of love hope and dreams. Very true and touching quote, right.

Yes, home is the place where we live and share our joy, memories, sorrow and different times with our near and dear ones. Almost every individual wants to decorate his home with the best possible things. The decor of a home describes the nature of the resident. It is like the mirror of your personality. Hence, for decorating a home people used to pick up different things meeting their taste and likings. For making home wonderful and lavish, sometimes people make some mistakes as well that can decrease the results of their efforts. Here, are some examples that you can avoid -

Matching, matching and matching

Coordination is the key to harmony, but access of matching things in a home can make it look like a catalogue. Add soul and choose the different things you like. With this, you would be having stunning things with some sweet memories lasting forever in your heart and mind. It would give a classier look to your home decor. Let your home office furniture be different from the rest home decor. Choose classy dining chairs not so matching with the table for elegance.

Decorating your place according to the latest trend would be fun. However, using in excess can make your place look jumble sale. Do not change the stunning and delightful pieces close to your heart frequently. Mix and match the different trends, but avoid overdoing that can degrade the looks.

No colour test

Before painting your home with some stunning and fancy colours, test them well. The colour you like in the shop may look different when painted in your living room. So before buying in bulk have a colour test to avoid wastage of money.


When you see someone house or any home decor pictures on the internet and try to Xerox it is not so cool. Taking an idea is good, but you should think out of the box and add your creativity to make it stunning and unique.

Forget to cover switchboards, skirting boards

While painting you should cover the skirting boards, switchboards, etc. as this might not look good painted.

Wrong placement of artworks

You might be having priceless and stunning artwork for your home, but it is important to hang it on the right wall. So choose the space wisely.