Choosing a Treated Diamond

Diamonds are meant to be kept forever. But the most astonishing ones are the treated diamonds which are more common then one can assume. It was very earlier that treated diamonds were preferred by many individuals but today it has been more in demand as they are more affordable and alike for making purchase for a diamond engagement ring to be much cost-effective.

A treated diamond is one which has undergone a procedure to increase the appearance of the stone. However, treatments can be done either to make changes or boost the color of the diamond or diminish the appearance of flaws with the purpose to make the progress of the look.

Lab created or imitation diamonds are therefore formed to resemble themselves like a real stone. For those who want affordable diamond engagement rings can have an option of purchasing synthetic diamonds which simply appears like a natural diamond. However, it is very difficult to distinguish between the two unless and until there are professional experts with a trained eye. Moreover, natural diamonds which have been used to undergo with this treatment process is purposed to increase the overall appeal of the stone, thus enhancing its value.

Kinds of Treatments

In order to increase the quality of a diamond there are different kinds of treatments which can be utilized. Some processes are more familiar compared to others as well as there is a treatment which is particularly used to create “fancy” colored diamonds.

High Pressure/High Temperature (HPHT)

The treatment of High Pressure together with High Temperature can be used to originate different kinds of colors. Thus, it can make a diamond less colorful or else develop into pink, yellow, brown or it can be blue diamonds.


It can sound a bit scary but utilizing the method of radiation to change the color of a diamond is generally very common. Such irradiation treatments can form black, green or blue diamonds.


This is one of the uncommon and reduced potentiality scary methods of forming black diamonds, heat treatment can develop black diamonds by exploitation of a lower-quality diamond to severe temperatures with the passing of the time.

Irradiation and Heat Treatment

When combined together, diamonds can be changed to variety of colors. The first step is the exposure to radiation through a procedure of severe heat treatments to create purple, blue, yellow, pink or brown diamonds.

Vital points to consider

Though it is very important for jewelers to disclose whether the diamond has been treated or not. In case, if your purchasing a treated diamond knowingly then assure yourself that you get complete detailed information regarding the treatment like when it was done, any kind of special instructions and type of guarantee that is offered by the company incase if there is a damage caused to the stone and needs to be repaired.

Therefore, purchasing treated diamonds can be cheaper and thus is meant to create wonderful engagement rings.