Choose Your Favorite Among Gold And Platinum For Engagement Ring

Choose Your Favorite Among Gold And Platinum For Engagement Ring

Platinum and gold are the two chief metals used by individuals in designing stunning and sophisticated engagement rings and wedding bands. The couples in love want to make every moment and things related to their relationship special and memorable. At the time of engagement and nuptials, the ring or band have a very special place. They want one-of-the-kind rings alike their enduring love, care, trust they have for their partner.

Both the delightful metals are unique, yet are similar is some manners. Check out how these differ from other when compared to cost, appearance, comforts, and durability.


The main physical difference between gold and platinum is their color. The platinum is naturally white in color and gold is yellow. For the people who love the yellow ring, gold is the best option and who love white platinum is the right choice. If you love gold and want a white ring then the white gold ring is opted for you. White gold is manufactured with an amalgamation of gold, rhodium plating and alloy for a dazzling white color and finish.


The prize of different design engagement rings varies by several features counting weight, design, diamond setting, etc. Both expensive metals are almost same in cost per gram. While making a ring, platinum is required in more amount as it is denser. In the platinum ring, the purity is about 95% and in 14k gold is only 58.5% gold, in 18k gold is 75% gold, hence platinum engagement rings and platinum wedding bands are costlier than of gold rings.


Gold and platinum both are durable, precious and strong metals, but when compared, platinum is stronger. You can choose platinum ring when having big sparkling diamond or any other gemstone for the ring. The platinum rings are less expected to split or crack than those of gold rings. Hence, platinum is stronger and durable.

Scratch resistance

Gold is more scratch resistant than platinum. Platinum is softer than gold and it gets easily scratched in comparison to gold like 14k. But the scratch in the platinum ring do not look like scratched, instead, it is known as a patina finish. This gives it an appeal of the antique ring that is loved by many platinum lovers. However, re-polish can give the rings classy and enhanced appearance adding a touch of newness every time.


Platinum rings are heavier than gold as this is a denser metal. This is all up to your choice, if you prefer light weight ring choose gold, if love heavy rings, then platinum rings are your love. You can choose any ring depending on your comforts, taste, and likings.

Both metals have their own charm and beauty, selecting the best engagement ring and wedding bands depends on your preference and budgets. So, buy the most stunning and splendid ring to embrace your love with sparkles.